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Etonia uses her voice, anointed by the peace of God, to narrate audiobooks, perform voiceover, and to create powerful Christian Meditational tools and products designed to bring revelation, to empower, and to heal one's soul. These series of products are a combination of voice audio, anointed music and sound, and visual imagery designed to stimulate and activate the listeners' powerful gift of imagination as they are soaked in a constant stream of promises from the Word of God to help them heal, restore their soul and bring them into newfound freedom and purpose! 

As an heir of God and joint heir with Jesus, you have been promised an inheritance that includes so much more than going to Heaven when you die. Also included in your benefits package is: 

Peace of Mind


Having No Fear

God's Unconditional Love


Prosperity and so much more!

The work has already been done for you in these powerful pre-recorded resources. Meditate on and speak these benefits day and night and you shall indeed succeed in making your way prosperous! Listen and watch by clicking on one of the videos below. For more, visit our YouTube Channel. 


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god's unconditional love


having no fear


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